Monday, 29 February 2016

Can your HR & Payroll Solution work on 3rd Party Cloud Services ?

It is very interesting to note, organizations are adopting a whole new way of developing, managing, installing and delivering applications.  Some have a completely cloud enabled approach where 100% applications are on the cloud i.e. the application itself and the database.  Some have a hybrid approach and put only certain applications on the cloud, or even only the database on the cloud the front end application servers on internal infrastructure.

But there is one more strategy which is becoming common place in the way cloud applications are expected to deliver, that is what we call is a semi-cloud approach or hybrid-cloud approach, so what is exactly the semi-cloud approach or hybrid-cloud approach?

Well what happens is the front end of the application, i.e. the user interface, i.e. Website or the Desktop application is on the premises of the customer, but the database which holds the data is on the cloud services, like Azure from Microsoft, AWS from Amazon and the likes, so why people go with this approach ?

This is because there is no need for a dedicated frontend server, the client can utilize an existing front end infrastructure already available, but is able to add mission critical features of mirroring, automated data backup, hot online spare of database, which can be bought from providers of services like Azure, AWS.

Our HR and Payroll solutions supports all 3rd party providers like Azure, AWS and more…

HR Chronicle is the hr and payroll solution, which works in a hybrid environment, i.e. you can have the front end sitting on a client machine and the database on the cloud or even vice versa, its so flexible when it comes to deployment the only limitation you would have is the user of resources which is enforced by the cloud service provider you select, which means, the disk space, number of users, data bandwidth, etc.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Does your HR and Payroll system have proper audit compliance ?

You will find many HR & Payroll Solutions and various other applications, most of then claim to have great user experience, but have you ever thought, are these systems built on a sound compliance architecture, at least a bare minimum standard of compliance, where you can have an audit trail of all the actions you do within the solution, if not its time you start thinking about it.

Lets understand the importance of having a proper audit trail 

When you add sensitive information into your HR and Payroll solution, is the information of the user entering the record logged, do you have a history of the transaction as how many times times a specific transaction was modified, by which user using which PC, what was the IP address of the PC.  Well if you have not yet thought about this, its time to start thinking.

What happens if salary compensation entry was wrongly entered and payroll processed, another instance would be wrong bank account information recorded and the employee gets less pay, or may be not paid at all, have you ever wondered how would you find out, who would be accountable, for the loss of reputation and emotional stress the employee suffers.

Yes, you guessed it right,  the audit trail will come in handy, an audit trail is a collection of historical records, which will be held in the system forever, meaning if you changed the bank account information of an employee 10 times you would see 10 data sets with information on which user changed it, date and time stamp, the current active data set on the system, in this way you are sure, no one has unauthorized access if they do, it will be reflected on the audit trial. It is also handy to investigate the details, why a particular record was entered wrong, was the information provided incorrectly in the first place or any other reason behind it.

HR Chronicle has a very robust audit engine

Well in HR Chronicle even if you breathe in the software it is recorded, i.e. any activity, from the time you login and the time you log off is recorded in the application audit engine, you can even rollback changed from the audit engine, as we call is “Event Manager”, in the event manager you can see complete audit trail of each and every transaction based on employee name, action type (i.e. bank account modification or salary information modification) with the option to even roll back to a point in time, like a time machine, of sorts, so you need not enter data manually again, if you find an error. With an extremely powerful audit engine and compliance reports, you are assured HR Chronicle will not only surpass audit requirements but exceed them, we also SAS / SOCS compliant reporting out of the box.